We are Eco Colchester, a non-profit & community led group

whose intention is to enable the local community to network, communicate, learn and take action on the climate crisis and global biodiversity loss at a local and grass roots level. We act as a community voice for social responsibility and environmental preservation and improvement and want to help Colchester to grow and flourish into an ecological and environmentally sustainable place to live today and for our future generations.

We’d love to hear from you

Please fill out the form to give us any feedback on anything we’ve missed, OR if you’d like to plan or share a local event OR if you can help with any of our existing work.

Our key aims are to:

  • Act as a community voice to help preserve and enhance our local environment as well as steer holistic growth and evolution to a greener local community.
  • Promote local existing skills, knowledge, champions, charities, projects, campaigns, organisations and businesses.
  • Encourage and facilitate networking and collaboration to strengthen impact and efficiency in developing sustainable solutions.
  • Collate existing skills and knowledge to allow for a smoother transition to a lower carbon footprint way of life.
  • Empower and enable others to live a more respectful, mindful and positive life with the environment by offering daily solutions, advice, tools, information and support.
  • Inspire and enable others to set up projects and campaigns to protect and enhance the environment locally.
Eco Colchester circle

Eco Colchester was set up in response to Colchester Borough Council declaring a Climate Emergency.  See how Colchester Borough Council is already taking action on the climate emergency (https://www.colchester.gov.uk/sustainability/)

Eco Colchester is also registered as a ‘climate action group’ with Friends of the Earth  (https://friendsoftheearth.uk/about/climate-action-groups)